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At last, it's time to say goodbye to this blog, and to lukluk ...

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

talk about babies [part 8]

Just a quick one. UPDATED!

- Handzalah is now able to recite du'a (prayer) before eating and sleeping and say at least Bismillah before getting things into his mouth/drinking. I've recorded his eating du'a recitation but I don't think I'd put it up here anyway ... sorry! He's reading the Qur'an together with me nowadays, immitating the end sounds for every ayah ;)

- He's telling me he needs the potty and successfully controlled his bowels before reaching the toilet ... yeayyyyyy Alhamdulillah! He even asked for another go while he's in the bathtub brushing his teeth. On the potty he said "we can't poo/wee in there (the tub), we poo/wee here"...hehe pandaila anak ummi ni. But that's just a start to a diaper free future :D .. there's a long way to go, allahumma yassir

- My little bubbly girl is currently enjoying her voice making noises and the ta-ta-ta all the time. She's also been trying to immitate her brother's acts and to prove this hypothesis of mine I tried asking the little boy to teach her sister to wave bye bye and to my surprise she immediately tried waving! She's following him all the time, rolling to his side and 'talking' to him every now and then ... and she's not on her two feet yet or I bet they'll be running around day and night ;).

Friday, July 27, 2007

A visit to the doctor

We went to the GP on Wednesday and met Dr. Coates. Dr. Creagh is supposedly on holidays or else I would have made that appointment with her but Alhamdulillah, Dr. Coates was just as nice as she is. I made one appointment though I did request for another (for me and both little fellas) as that was the only one available according to the receptionist (or whoever was on the phone) for the day.

The appointment was at 1220pm and we were there earlier but as usual, get to see the doctor much much later than the promised time. I wonder, at this period of the year - the end of the convocation week and the beginning of summer holidays - could there still be some many people needing the University's Health Service? We waited in the lounge with only another girl who seemed to be waiting for quite some time, I think. As she looked so vulnerable on the couch and at last rang the reception bell to suddenly change her address? Whatever-lah. Nevertheless, Handzalah enjoyed the waiting playing with blocks at the little play area provided in the centre. He's usually stuck on the toy horse but today the blocks were by far more colourful and interesting. Maybe because they were all around the floor when we came in.

Minutes elapsed and at last the door opened and my name was called by the GP herself. Handzalah the Builder was so into his 'building', it took some time to get him to the door. I told him it's time to go but this kind hearted fella wanted to keep the blocks in the box - tidying up - first before leaving. But there was not much time for that so I told him that we can get back to that later (they weren't even in the box at the first place, but thank God Alhamdulillah, he does have a sense of responsibility and care even they weren't his).

In the doctor's room, I told Dr. Coates about the problem all three of us had for the past one week. She said she'll give me a check but I'll need to try and get separate appointments for the kids. But that was the only available appointment for the day and I made it on my name because I thought it won't make any difference as if it does I would surely put my children's then. She made a quick check on the computer and told us that a few other docs had a few available appointments but again, there were none when I called this morning! Well, I can't blame her nor the receptionist, I know about their big problem there. The 10 minutes per appointment scheme happen not to work as planned as many patients took too much time for consultation?! And that's why I requested for another appointment at the first place.

The doc gave me a check and told me it's NOT hayfever because you won't have fever with hayfever though the name indicates so ;). And further, there won't be any swellings/swollen glands with it. It's actually a cold virus which has been affecting the area at the moment. No antibiotics or medication would be any good but doses of paracetamol would help to relieve the fever and discomfort. After the brief check, I asked whether I could treat it the same way with my children, and to my relief, Alhamdulillah, she kindly said she'll be examining them both afterwards. Gee, that was a real relief! Can't imagine having to leave her door to get more appointments from the receptionist and see another doctor ... the little boy - as usual - cried all the time when the doc's examining him. Wise doc gave him a sticker and switched on a moving elephant. The boy was happy with the toy but not happy enough to settle down quietly during the examination. He even tried getting another sticker and the doc gave him another one which Ummi pasted on her little sister's tee. And the sticker actually says "I was good at the doctor's today" ;). Fidaa' at the other hand - as usual - was all macho and interested in things. She was very quiet tolerating the quick process.

I've made an appointment for the little girl's Hep B jab next week but the pharmacist had some trouble with the prescription. She told Abuhandzalah we need to pay for it and there's no specification in the prescription on whether it's the 16pounds or 60pounds jab. Hmm ... that's so expensive for a Hep B jab! I could get it cheaper back home kan?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm just another makcik

I know, I know ... you won't be able to understand nor enjoy this note unless you could understand Malay/Bahasa Malaysia. But I have no intention to make a translation for it shall spoil the purpose and fun of it! Anyway, 'makcik' literally means aunt which is also used widely to address an elderly woman in Malaysia ...

Now I'm just like any other makcik
with two hands full of beg plastik.
The weight I usually carry
will almost impossible to help me lari
if there's any emergency
though wholeheartedly I'll protect the isi.

I'm just another makcik
though I could spend hours dressing up
it'll simply take a second to make me ugly
just try a mouthful sneeze
or a spoonful spilt curry
these cute little monsters just can't help
protecting me from being too pretty.

I'm just another makcik
hands full caring for two budak kecik
sometimes turning into a manic
when these kids innocently
buat dunia tunggang terbalik
but being another makcik is worth the panic
when those happy little laughters and smiles
turn on the lights of worldly bliss.

After all,
being a makcik entitles you to happiness
more than what you can imagine
beyond... your wildest dreams!

ummi a.k.a kew,
2007, fd

If you're a mom like me, to angels-cum-monsters like my little darlings, you might have the same feelings at times ;).

p/s: Please pray for us at home ... we're terribly sick, looks like it's hayfever but going to the GP this evening to know for sure. My poor little fellas, allahuyashfeekum!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

talk-about-babies [part 7]

Fidaa' is 6 months old now. I've given her solids - fruit purees and baby rice - at 5 months as she has been showing signs of needing more than just milk: she's still unhappy after a good milk feed, very interested in our eating activities - she might even try grabbing a spoon or biscuit from our hands - and she's doing this 'chewing' motion every now and then, and her dribbling/drooling has significantly reduced. She's able to sit on her own without support for a few seconds, or longer if she's not overly distracted with things around her now. Seems like she enjoys sitting a lot more than lying on her back so we usually help her sit propping her back with pillows and let her play with Handzalah's Fisher Price touchpad we bought a year ago. This educational toy is quite expensive but I think it's a good investment for a child. She loves to suck her thumb (or few fingers at times) and pulls other people's hair! :)

Fidaa' rolls from her back to get on her tummy and vice versa like a pro now and just like Handzalah, she moves faster backwards when she's on her tummy, mengesot sikit-sikit. She'll be all over the floor in a second. And when she's on her tummy nowadays, she'll hold her head up high and sometimes acting 'manja' putting her head down on the mat and making soft little sounds. Aha, she' also experimenting with various pitches and tones of her voice. Sometimes it's like she's screaming all the way down her throat, just for fun other than making bubbles out of her saliva. Sometimes it sounds as if she's singing along with Handzalah, whom of course loves music very very much!

You should see how both of them interact with each other. Handzalah usually joins Fidaa' on the bed or mat when she stares at him and they'll start "communicating". Handzalah will do the talking and Fidaa' will usually reply with all the "ooh-aahs" sounds. At times, Handzalah will pause to ask, "Ummi, adik cakap apa?" (Mummy, what is she saying?) and you thought he'd understand because Ummi doesn't ;). No such thing as babies understand babies ah? I'm always worried when Handzalah is jumping up and down near her sister and will ask him to stop and do it somewhere else, but Fidaa' will be overjoyed and laughing heartily to his brother's acts giving her Ummi's disapproval less reasoning. Handzalah is also OK when it comes to sharing his things; toys or even his favourite *apple with his little sister. It's a joy seeing them happy having each other's company, as if they're yet too young for rivalry but there are times when the big brother does things like sitting on her sister simply to play around or the other no-nos just to seek you attention, so beware!

Handzalah is now able to pronounce more and more words clearly though he still have troubles with the letter R and L and apple is still 'apen' to him :). He's uttering long sentences and telling stories of his own experience and has recently develop a new communicating habit: he asks and he answers on his own! He'll ask "Buat apa tu?" (What are you doing?) and automatically replies "Oooh, Ummi masak nasi" (Oooh, Ummi's cooking). And oh, the long OH is simply compulsory. The funniest thing about this cheeky litte hearthtrob is whenever he's interested in something we actually know he really likes and usually asks for, he won't just ask for it. He'll make an opening remark for his indirect request and it usually starts with Wow - "Wow! Kita nak makan aiskrim", "Wow PDA, Abi main PDA ke?" and aha he can now pronounce PDA as it is :). He also managed to pronounce computer properly and at last the word 'octopus' in it's proper form. He used to say 'ocpetis' and we're still not sure why.

He can take off his own clothing now but still struggling to put things on and he has just discovered that his diapers can get wet and he can now tell that it's happening. He loves brushing his teeth and will ask for his brush everytime he's in the toilet for a wash but still try to avoid having his hair washed or shampooed! NEWS: We've just cut his long, semi-curly wavy hair yesterday. We actually wanted to get it really short using 'the machine' but when he heard its sound he cried and screamed "Aku Maluuu!!!" (I'm ashamed) ... err, what was that for and what in the world was he ashamed of? Huhu ... he might have gotten the wrong expression ey? After a few minutes of consoling and 'jelly-bean-ing' (yeah, I know sweets-baits are a crime but that's the best we can afford then :D) he agreed to have his hair cut with a pair of scissors :). Any other tips friends?

* I'm not feeding her apples, not until it's pureed but I do let her have a taste of the fruit; just like soothing her gums with cool teething rings, you can alternatively use carrots or like me, an apple. Just be sure she won't get a bite and choke!

If you're new here you can read my previous entries on TAB here. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Job Predictor?

Adnin sent me the Job Predictor :wink: where your name dictates your profession? Since I didn't have much time to seriously post something now, I thought of just telling you my job "prediction" results. Just for fun! :)

I typed in my First Name and my Ideal Job is a &8%^# Star???! What is this thing? Ridiculously ridiculing ...

Then I typed both my First and Middle names since I think that'll give a better, unique result and hence, my Ideal Job is a Prime Minister!! Gee, sounds sensible at last! :D

And since there's more than one person with both my names, to make it utmost unique, I typed in all my names including my Surname, and my Ideal Job is ... a Supermodel?!!

I've told you, this is ridiculously ridiculing yet very, very interesting. Do you know what's behind such thing?

Anyway Adnin, thanks for giving me a good laugh this morning :). If you'd like to know what's your job according to your name, try the Job Predictor today. Good day peeps!

Salam ...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tagged for charity!

This is the first time ever I'm responding to a tag :).

I'm sorry if I've been a bit ignorant about this recent 'tagging' trend in the internet community. Anyway, to sis Raiyan, thanks!

For everyone's information, this is a great tagging game, meant for charity. For every tag responsebefore 26th August 2007 , Idham - the initiator - will donate RM127 to Darul Izzah Orphanage, Bandar Baru Bangi, Malaysia. Meaning, by doing this meme you'll be donating RM127 to the orphanage (with his money though :D). He's targeting at least 100 bloggers to get about RM1k for this chosen charity of his! And the rules are (copying and pasting from the original rules from Idham's blog) ...

If you are tagged, you need to write an entry related to the meme. At the end of your entry you just need to tag as many person as you like. You will then leave a comment in their blog to let them know they have been tagged. And to include this message, "By doing this meme you are contributing rm127 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage". Then please copy and paste this rule somewhere in your entry.
The meme is about completing at least seventeen out of the following twenty seven sentences........which I have completed in bolded black ink. *These can be copied and pasted to your entry*
When you have done yours, please leave a comment in here - so that Idham can keep count.

1. A person is only as good as what he/she is.

2. Friendship is always meant to be like a ship on the sea. Every relationship is.

3. To love is to give, to accept, to appreciate and to sacrifice.

4. Money makes me want to spend ;).

5. I miss my family back home, school and friends!

6. My way of saying I care is by doing anything I think suits the purpose and the person.

7. I try to spread love and happiness by caring, sharing and WRITING!

8. Pick the flowers when they fell? I don't pick them from where they're best placed by God's grace :).

9. To love someone is to give what you've got and enjoy what he/she is about and embrace one of the bestest gift from God.

10. Beauty is what God creates but we failed to perceive most of the time.

11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was the birth of my
'unexpected' baby brother! :)

12. When I was twenty one, I remember mostly everything then!

13. I am most happy when my loved ones are pleased, utmost happy!

14. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I'm just another person that God made special and loved!

15. If I can change one thing, I will change everything bad into kindness.

16. If smiles were good enough to cure pain then I shall smile to every eye I could face.

17. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have the world the way we want it to be?

18. If you want to succeed then you have to learn, give your best and compete!

19. Money is not everything but it gets everything people are really dependant on.

20. The most touching moments I have experienced is whenever my mother talks to me personally, when my husband first talked to me, when I gave birth to my babies, when somebody appreciates me, whenever I'm with good company and when I finally learn to appreciate myself.

21. I smile when well there's too many instances and events that should be
decorated with a smile, can't specify just one :).

22. When I am happy, I'll do everything I can at my best.

23. If only I don't have to need money, then I'll have lesser worries. The world too, I believe ;).

24. The best thing I did yesterday was entertaining my beloved family.

25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title,"'' ......." I'm never good with titles!

26. One thing I must do before I die is repent, should do it every now and then too!

27. Doing this meme, I feel like I'm a part of a great cycle that's hoping and working for a better world, for all of us!
And now I'm tagging:
1- my other half; significant other
2- Lieawulf
3- tink3rb3ll
4- kak Baiti
5- Adnin of phantasmagoria
6- Sheera my once upon a time 'anak usrah'
7- Am, my best friend
8- Aran, my skoolmate
9- Samwan, my momsunited mate ;)
10-Nad my junior
11- Sapphire Knight, a Malaysian problogger? :)

Rite. Let's not stop here. I'm tagging every eye who's a blogger, reading this entry here! Come on guys, this is FOR CHARITY! May Allah bless and help us all :). Good day peeps!

The 1st month in SMS

Subhanallah walhamdulillah, it has been three weeks since the 1st class started. We had three classes so far and I'll say students' attendance and parents' support have been great! As promised, I'd jot down some of the lessons I've taught for Group 1 (aged 4-6) in two weeks time.

p/s: I didn't handle Group 1 last Saturday because I needed to substitute Wan teaching Malay Language for Group 2 and 3 and Kak Yati is back in Soton to "look after" those energetic beings. It was a good "change", a short relief. It was easier in the sense that I needed less energy to teach the older kids. With Group 1, you need all the energy and voice you have, with the correct tone and "pitching" and also attractive activities to "keep" them learning. If you're not really prepared, you'll be surprised to see them "everywhere" at a blink of an eye! :)

Week 1:
Objective - Ice Breaking (Introducing school, friends and Malay language), Etiquettes of a Muslim

Methodology : Circle Time & Activities (30 mins)
- Begins with "Bismillah". Teacher greets students, welcome them to class. Ask them about their activities before coming to school; did they brush their teeth in morning, had breakfast, etc.
- Introducing oneself. Begins with "Assalamu'alaikum", "My name is ...", "I am _ year old". Teacher introduce herself and ask each and every student to do the same.
- Teacher tells how and when to give Salam and reply, the importance of starting a job with bismillah and ending them with alhamdulillah.
- Chat about school, remind them about next class. End with du'a.

- Story telling
- Songs: Pok amai-amai, Alif Ba Taa
Labelling folders with students' names

Week 2:
[Islam] Objective - Revision & Knowing Allah

Circle Time and Evaluation (30 mins) - Ask students about their day before school and what they remembered from the previous class. Remind them about lessons of week 1. Introduce "Allah the Creator", ALlah makes everything. Relate the etiquettes learnt as obedience towards the Creator.

Evaluation & Activities (30 mins):
- Teach the song "Bismillah" to help remembering last week's lesson
- Ask children to think of what Allah creates around them, draw them. Each of them will need to show their friends and teacher what they've drawn.
- Teacher marks the drawing and reward stars. Return to students, teaching them to thank people upon receiving things by saying "Terima Kasih" (thank you)

[Malay] Objective - Revision & Identifying Objects

Circle Time - Revise how to introduce oneself in Malay. Ask them to tell stories and how do they feel about school so far.

Games & Activities :
- Teacher draws an object on the whiteboard and students will need to guess what it is in Malay.
- Sing Pok amai-amai
- Show children how to make a paper butterfly, and ask them to colour their own butterflies. Paste in notebooks.

My version of Pok Amai2 :)
"Pok amai-amai, belalang kupu-kupu,
Belajar pandai-pandai, jadi orang berilmu"

Ok, that's what I did. I hope I'll make time to write on some assessment and observations for month numer uno. What do you think friends? Comments please ... :)

Notes: All classes are conducted in Malay Language.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I bet you've been thinking what am I up to tweaking this blog every now and then, changing this and that all the time. Huhu, this is not the look that I wanted for my blog. I want something simple but with a personal touch and creative spark that'll last in your minds. Unfortunately, my blog advisors have yet to return with results huhuh .. Me, and my limited tech skills, are struggling to make this blog at least look 'sensible' to the viewers including me!

Any ideas how I can transform its looks back to home sweet home?

Ummah Films

Have you heard about Ummah Films before? Watched one of them - The Parent Negotiations - while browsing through recently. This cynical one man show seems sensible in most of his message. I don't want to comment further, watch them yourself, and let me know what you think about them - the content and the presentation. Does this type of approach could get things straight to your minds and souls?

To make things easier why don't we just vote, do you like it? YES or NO ? Lengthy comments are always welcome though :)